Ever heard of Healthy Fast Food ?Introducing GRILL’O™, a Healthy Fast Food Option. GRILL’O™ offers “Fried Style Chicken WITHOUT Frying and Peri Peri (Grilled) Chicken. Its the only Fast Food Chain offering Fat Free Healthy Food. GRILL’O™ does not use any “Fat” or “Oil” during preparation although GRILL’O™ offers everything from Burgers, Rolos, Grilled Chicken to Pizzas.

Only Daily Fresh and 100% Hand Slaughtered Zabiha Halal Ingredients are used to prepare GRILL’O™ foods.

GRILL’O™ is not only a quality and health conscious company, the products are reasonably priced as well.


Fried Style Chicken Without Frying, Peri Peri Chicken, Grilled Chicken, Pizza, Rollo, Burgers, Lamb Chops, Grilled Prawns And Ice Cream Shakes